Design Subdivide & Build is a Melbourne based property development services provider.

“I want to develop my property…

but how do I get started?”

Whether you’re considering a dual occupancy in the backyard, a brand new duplex, or four townhouses on a clear site, Design Subdivide & Build will help get your project off the ground.

Design Subdivide & Build helps clients develop their land by:

  • Formulating site tailored designs (single homes and multi-units)
  • Fulfil your/your markets lifestyle requirements
  • Obtaining Town Planning permits from local council
  • Assisting in the appointment of a competent and reliable builder

Some common questions when considering a dual occupancy or multi unit project are:

Q. What is the maximum volume of construction allowable on the land?

Q. Are there restrictions on the land? such as: minimum lot sizes, overlays, zoning and covenants.

Q. Can trees which are inhibiting the building envelope be removed?

Q. Can approval be obtained for a second driveway/crossover?

Q. Can power poles, nature strip trees, storm water drains etc be removed to make way for a second or additional driveway/crossover?

Q. How many, and what type of units should be built?

Q. Can adequate services be provided to the new unit(s), such as: electricity, gas, water, sewerage and storm water.

Q. How do I obtain the “legal point of discharge”, or LPD, for my property?

Q. When should I engage a surveyor, aroborist or engineer?

Q. When should I engage a designer, architect or town planner?

Q. What other costs are involved, apart from construction?

Q. How much will it cost to obtain plans and permits, before I start building?

Q. How much will it cost to demolish the existing structures on my land?

Design Subdivide & Build work is split into 3 Stages.
The above critical questions are addressed in Stage 1, the “Preliminary Feasibility Report”.

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