Dual Occupancy Designs

Design Subdivide & Build has an extensive range of dual occupancy / multi unit design solutions for all types of properties.

Our suite of multi-unit and dual occupancy houseplans (numbering over 50!) have been developed over many years of medium density “think time”. As you will see, they all have one thing in common…SMALL on footprint, but BIG on funcionality and style.

Whether yours is a corner or non corner site, a large block or just a backyard, our designers will maximise the potential of your land.

New Home Design (single new home design)

Design Subdivide & Build designers apply the same approach of functional and attractive design to single, full size homes. Your every requirement will be built into the new residence.

The extensive work Design Subdivide & Build has done in compact multi unit design means your large single home will deliver extremely high functionality, aswell as luxury. Even when desiging full-size homes, we never waste a square meter of construction space, which means great value for your construction dollars.

Feel free to call Design Subdivide & Build for some advice on starting the design process for your new home.

Town Planning Permits

Our detailed knowledge of state and local planning policy allows us to obtain permits quickly, and avoid long delays such as arbitration at VCAT. This saves our clients substantial time and holding costs.

Design Subdivide & Build staff have guided hundreds of planning applications through local councils across Melbourne. This experience enables us to push the design envelope, and obtain planning permits under the best possible conditions for our clients.

Building Permits

Once your town planning permit has been secured, Design Subdivide & Build can launch straight into preparing the high detail “working drawings” required to obtain your Building Permit.

Our practical design approach delivers designs that not only maximise the space available, but are also economical to construct.


The process of dividing one large lot into two or more smaller lots, known as sub-division is separate to the town planning and building permits process.

If you wish to sell one or more of the units you will need to Subdivide, thus creating a new title for each unit. Design Subdivide & Build can co-ordinate this process on your behalf.

Construction Quotes

DSB’s “reason for being” is to create financially viable projects. To protect your projects end profit, we obtain ballpark construction quotes for your designs prior to lodgement at Council. This provides great peace of mind that the cost of building your project is within your budget, before the plans are set in stone.

Once we have obtained your planning permit, DSB can also obtain fully detailed construction quotes that are aligned with your budget and timeframes. This is done through a tender process, with several builders competing for your business.

We have long standing relationships with a number of quality, award winning builders who have assisted the majority of DSB clients to date.

At DSB we pride ourselves on understanding our clients end term strategy, whether that be to build and retain, or build and sell.


DSB can facilitate the compilation of project feasibility studies to help ascertain the viability of your project. This is invaluable when deciding how many dwellings to build, and what level of finish the new dwellings should and can have. These factors are then balanced with the expected sale prices / rental yields of the future dwellings to project a safe and appropriate profit margin.Contact us to find out more about how we can help with your project feasibility study.

Finance, Tax and Accounting

Finance is an important part of any project. There are different options and structures available for financing a project, so feel free to contact us to find out how to get the most appropriate finance for your situation and project requirements. DSB can also facilitate arrangements which will minimise the tax you pay on your development profits, and setup your project accounting systems. As the saying goes, “Keep track of the pennies, and the pounds will look after themselves”.

Sales & Marketing (licensed estate agents)

As a licensed estate agent, DSB can run a professional marketing campaign, and execute the sale of your new homes. Our constant exposure to the townhouse market means we know what buyers want, and we design to this. When it comes to selling your units, there is no-one better equipped to broadcast the virtues of your new homes and obtain a top price!

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